Walking with the Farming and Rural Community through Tough Times

LRSN provides pastoral and practical support to farming and rural people during periods of anxiety, stress and problems relating to their families and businesses.

For us no problem is too large or too small, too complex or too simple.

Whilst we do not claim to have all the answers, we can support and help people make sense of their problems, walk with them and direct them to the appropriate people and organisations to provide help.

Every year we support over 100 farming and rural families with problems ranging from debt to tenancy, from Single Farm Payment to health.  Alongside practical help we provided support with the associated emotional stress.

In recognition of the high rates of suicide in the farming community, we believe there will always be a need for this group to have a listening ear; someone who understands and can relate to the problems being faced.

“As we proceed along life’s journey you never know when an event will strike and take over your life…….all that we can say is how lucky we are to have such a wonderful facility in our county.”
(LRSN Client)

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